Biographical outline

Born in the former Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic

Graduated at the Czech Technical University of Prague

Professional career commenced in England

1975 – first overseas assignment as a chartered engineer in Nigeria

1979 – expanding the career towards civil engineering, received Cullman Travelling Fellowship to Scandinavia

1980/1982 - based in Nairobi, Kenya, managing multi-disciplinary projects in 4 East African countries

1983 - first assignment in Saudi Arabia, international projects management

1985/1988 – back in the UK, pre-feasibility study for the Folkestone Harbour re-development

1989 – second assignment in Saudi Arabia, central region desert visits

1992/1999 - lived and worked in Ukraine, Kiev and Crimea, visits to Chernobyl, EU technical assistance coordination

2000/2004 - long-term work assignments in Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan

2004/2007 – Southern Caucasus, long-term assignment in Azerbaijan

2008 – Moldova

2010 – 2012 – Work assignment in energy reform support project in Baku, Azerbaijan